Weird Wide World : 13 Twisted Tales

Weird Wide World : 13 Twisted Tales


An anthology of 13 twisted tales to chill the blood, tickle the funny bone and tug on the heartstrings! An ageing rock star makes a deal with a mysterious stranger to regain his youth, but finds that he should be careful what he wished for... A woman embarks on an impassioned affair that spirals into obsession - with a man that only exists in her dreams... An everyman finds himself trapped in an undersea war between two mythical races... A young woman takes the last train home at night, only to find herself sharing the carriage with some unwelcome fellow travellers... In the distant future, where verbal communication is verboten, two unlikely souls connect and embark upon a remarkable journey... The victim of a serial killer decides to turn her unfortunate circumstances into an opportunity to achieve fame... These are just some of the curious characters that you will encounter in Greg J. Porter's Weird Wide World, an anthology of short stories that encompass the horror, thriller, fantasy, science fiction and comedy genres, among others. Shocking yarns packed with killer twists in the tail akin to Rod Serling's legendary Twilight Zone and the infamous Tales from the Crypt, Greg J. Porter's Weird Wide World may not be somewhere you'd like to live, but it's a lot of fun to visit.

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Greg J Porter
Paperback | 250 pages
152 x 229 x 13mm | 341g
Publication date
17 Nov 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform