Cuts Like a Knife : A Kristen Conner Mystery / Book 1

Cuts Like a Knife : A Kristen Conner Mystery / Book 1


"Readers can't help enjoying this new voice in fiction." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Uh oh, someone special has moved to town. Chicago has new resident, a heartless killer with a long and bloody history. When a successful young woman is found dead in her fashionable town home, a red flag lights up FBI computers in Washington, D.C. The Feds know an elusive "organized killer" is at work again. The problem is they have only one tenuous lead to assist the Chicago Police Department in the manhunt ... a most unlikely place the killer hunts for his victims. Detective Kristen Conner is light as a feather but punches hard as a heavyweight. A cop's kid, her life is built on faith, family, and catching criminals. She coaches her niece's soccer team, the Snowflakes, when she isn't fighting with her CPD partner or glamorous TV news reporter sister-or going undercover to find the man who is terrorizing the women of her city. She's a good cop but she's never faced an adversary like this. From an opening chase that leads Kristen to a back alley where a punk with a knife awaits her, to the climactic and head-spinning ending where she goes one-on-one with the hauntingly familiar man who is killing innocent women in her city, Cuts Like a Knife, is loaded with action, suspense, and humor through the voice of its irrepressible lead character.

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M K Gilroy
Paperback | 418 pages
152 x 229 x 22mm | 558g
Publication date
04 Aug 2015
Mark Gilroy Creative LLC
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white